Irena Praitis is participating in our book signing at the OLLI Authors’ Day, March 7th  from 11:00 AM to 1:30  PM.  Location: California State University, Fullerton, Pollak Library.  For more information click HERE. Poetry. California Interest. Using word play, wit, juxtaposition, and the koan riddling … Continue reading

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 “If I take a hatchet to my dammed computer is that a crime?” … Jeanette Reese computers in the effort to reduce paper waste actually increase printouts which takes paper which comes from trees that were cut down by hatchets or whatever, so by taking “a hatchet” to your computer you’re actually saving Trees! could be something Antifa should protest about rather than chopping down the past we learn from the past that is what all our books are about our past look between the covers our past oops more trees killed by hatchets to make paper so we can … Continue reading Buy My Books

Rollie Pollie Rap (Children’s Book)

Rollie Pollie Rap Rollie pollie, walkin’ ‘long the sidewalk Rollie pollie, wonder where you’re goin’ I scrunch down to see you, walkin’ all alone Lookin’ at a hundert legs, marchin’ right along What you got in front of you?  Why whiskers like my cat! Two eyes lookin’ out ahead—- I’m not sure of that Rollie Pollie, stop and play with me Oops into a ball you rolled, not very friendily I scoop you up into my hand, and roll you back and forth I close my fist but not too tight, so you have room to breathe I open fingers … Continue reading Rollie Pollie Rap (Children’s Book)